Sound of hte Earth Chapter 2

Share Your Sounds From Around the World

Ocean waves hitting the California coast, a tiger’s roar in Botswana, or the distinctive hum of Tokyo’s subway lines—these are just a few examples of the sounds we want from you for designer Yuri Suzuki’s new work: Sound of the Earth Chapter 2.

This interactive sound installation will be featured in the upcoming exhibition Speechless, integrating audio clips sourced from across the world into a 6-foot spherical sculpture for a fresh take on the traditional globe. Each spot will represent a different part of the world where visitors can place their ears on its surface to hear a corresponding sound from that region.

Be a part of the art and submit your sound using the form and/or interactive map below and learn more about the groundbreaking multisensory exhibition, Speechless.


Country where sound was recorded
WAV, AIFF, MP3, or MP4 40MB maximum size.
Dallas Museum of Art High Museum of Art Atlanta